Pakistan former captain Salman Butt gas opened up on his bus fight with national teammate Shahid Afridi and said that it was just a misunderstanding.

The 37-year-old made these remarks on his official YouTube channel. “Every team has at least one such incident to tell. He (Afridi) was my senior. He was not a friend but treated me well at times," said Butt

'We had good exchanges too. But sometimes a bit of misunderstanding happens between two players. These things should not be shared publicly,” he further added.

This incident first became public knowledge when former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar mentioned it on a TV show. “It so happened that we were returning on the bus from training and I was sitting with Salman Butt upfront. Afridi came inside and asked Butt to vacate the seat to which Talat lost his cool and questioned why Butt should leave his seat,” said Akhtar

“Afridi also exchanged some words with Talat. Later that night Shoaib Malik told me they had decided to send Afridi back home because of the incident. I then took up the issue with Talat Sahab and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

“I think Shahid Afridi has written less in his book about the harsh treatment he received from senior players during his playing days. I witnessed some of it with my own eyes and totally agree with him,” he added.

Salman represented Pakistan from 2003 to 2010 in 33 Tests, 78 ODIs, and 24 T20Is.